(C) 2014 Michelle Garey Photography
(C) 2014 Michelle Garey Photography

Michelle Garey is Denver's professional birth photographer and videographer


Michelle Garey is Denver's professional birth photographer and videographer

About Denver birth photographer Michelle Garey...

Nothing inspires me more than the welcoming of a new life into this world. I've been honored to witness and document 100+ births over the past 7 years. I’m passionate about capturing those small, fleeting, yet tender moments… things parents might not notice even as they’re happening, like dad's reaction as he sees his child for the first time, or sympathetic gestures and auras of love from support people.

denver birth photographer Michelle Garey


I'm thrilled to be adding two of Denver's most loved and talented birth photographers to my team! Read more about them here! 

Your baby’s birth story is a sacred and rare event. After working in this industry for several years, I know the importance of having reliable backup photographers on call in the event that I become ill, get caught in a storm, have multiple clients in labor, or encounter an urgent life event.

Because life is beautifully messy, because birth is unpredictable, and because we want our clients to have ultimate peace of mind and confidence throughout pregnancy, we’re partnering together to share call and provide reliable, consistent call coverage and beautiful documentation of your story. 

We can't wait to meet you in person and daydream about your birth story!


Comments from my clients - Michelle Garey

Comments from my clients - Michelle Garey

Comments from clients


Your Baby's Birthday - Denver Birth Photography

Your Baby's Birthday - Denver Birth Photography

Our values

Birth Photography Denver - Michelle Garey

We believe in the sanctity of your birthing space.

We believe in the importance of earning your trust, and never breaching that trust.

We believe in handling your images with utmost respect, and honoring your wishes for privacy.

We believe that women are powerful, intuitive, and know their bodies better than anyone else.

We believe that the mother and her family are the most important people in the room, care providers second, and birth photographers last. 

We believe in never infringing on the birthing process.

We believe that it is the duty of every person in the birthing space to support the birthing woman in whatever way she requires.

Learn more about our mission here.


Denver Birth Photography Packages

Denver Birth Photography Packages

The investment

Starting at $550 for non-birth sessions. Please inquire for more detailed information.


The Afterglow

This is the perfect option for clients who prefer a private birth experience, but still seek to have those first moments captured. This session is held at the birthplace within 48 hours following birth.


Birth Photos

A variety of birth photography packages are available, with the option to add on the Maternity Session and Newborn Session for a complete and beautiful birth storybook. 


Birth Films

Birth videography packages are newly available in 2017. Booking only one film per month on a first-come basis. Birth story films can also be added to photo packages. Private options available.

The Maternity Session

The Maternity Session

The maternity session is an opportunity for a little dress-up and a bit of adventure! Booking priority is given to birth clients.


The Newborn Session

In-home newborn sessions are convenient and fun! Have a baby, be home, and we do the rest! Booking priority is given to birth clients.

The Herbal Bath

The postpartum herbal bath is loaded with benefits... just one of those being a gorgeous photo opportunity!


Birth Storybooks

It’s all about the book!

Yessireebob, we do give mommies the digital files of their birth stories, and we'd hate for parents to go without an absolutely stunning birth storybook they will treasure, share, and pass down from generation to generation. (Kids love looking through their storybooks and honoring their beginnings!) These books are large, beautifully bound, printed on thick, archival-quality paper made to last, and the pages lay flat for the best possible display. See a sample birth story book.



Denver birth photography: Publications

Denver birth photography: Publications


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Experienced Birth Photography in Denver, Colorado

Experienced Birth Photography in Denver, Colorado



Providers we've worked with:

  • Mountain Midwifery Birth Center
  • Baby and Company
  • Denver Center for Birth and Wellness
  • Kim Lenderts, CLC, CCCE, CPM, RM
  • Thirteenth Moon Midwifery, RN, CNM, MSN
  • Gina Gerboth, RM, CPM, IBCLC
  • Kathryn Raynes, CPM, RM
  • Maren Wood, CPM, RM
  • Nedra Wilson, CPM, RM
  • Beth Karberg, CPM
  • Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM
  • Sena Johnson, RM
  • Gina Penka, BS, IBCLC


Hospitals we've worked in:

Areas we service:

  • Denver, CO
  • Aurora, CO
  • Parker, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Centennial, CO
  • Lone Tree, CO
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Loveland, CO
  • Boulder, CO


  • University of Colorado Hospital
  • Saint Joseph Hospital
  • Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Rose Medical Center
  • Poudre Valley Hospital
  • Medical Center of the Rockies
  • Swedish Medical Center
  • Foothills Hospital
  • Littleton Adventist
  • Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • Longmont United Hospital
  • Avista Adventist Hospital
  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital
  • Aurora Regional Medical Center
  • Memorial Hospital North
  • The Women's Clinic
  • South Denver OB/GYN
  • Saint Anthony's North
  • Rose Midwifery
  • McKee Medical Center
  • Banner Fort Collins Medical Center
  • Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital