what our clients are saying

Michelle is truly a magical photographer who’s presence only enhances the birth experience with her quiet love and support and eyes of encouragement. We had Michelle capture photos during our first birth and are lucky enough to experience it again in just a couple months with our second. We also invited her into our home for newborn photos that are so, so special. Her calm and peaceful presence cannot be explained until you meet her in person ❤️

Kim is the perfect partner and compliment to Michelle. Soft spoken, truly passionate about birth, children and life overall. She captured our sons 1st birthday with a natural eye for authenticity and genuine emotion. She is a very talented photographer on many levels!

Couldn’t recommend these women more - they set the bar VERY high when it comes to brith, newborns and family sessions. Truly a 5-star one of a kind experience! - Kyla Q.


"I was blessed by Kim being at my surrogate delivery. The parents were unable to make the delivery and Kim documented these moments for all of us to share for years to come. Her patience and professionalism is unmatched." - Valerie M.


"Michelle is remarkable. Plain and simple! With her stealthy presence and incredible eye, she captured one of the most important days of our lives in a beautiful way that we’ll be able to look back on forever. Looking at the images today, I wonder how Michelle managed to get the majority of them – I mean, SHE WAS IN THERE?! She was very courteous of our space and didn’t interrupt a single second of our experience. She has a true talent, a gift, of being able to capture moments in their purest form. I strongly urge fellow expecting mothers to use Michelle’s services. You won’t regret it!" - Kelsey W.


“Dear Michelle, having pictures of the birth and all that goes with it is absolutely invaluable. I look at the pictures nearly every day and each time I soak them in, I see something new. Such amazing artwork! You have such a gift! You capture the essence, the moment, the emotion, the love, the laughs, the depth, in addition to the sweet newborn baby. What a joy you bring to the couple but also the whole family. After experiencing all this firsthand, I must tell you that you also have a gift in your approach. While you worked your charming magic, gentle ways and your creative eye working hand in hand. You captured your pictures up close and from one side or another but never in a noticeable way. I’m reminded of each sweet moment and often wonder how I didn’t even see you taking the pictures even though I was right there. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! You are such a blessing!”

— Kelly O.


“I went online and started researching birth photographers. It took a little bit of time, but we finally found the one who was perfect for us. An angel behind a camera lens. As far as birth photographers are concerned, Michelle Garey is the best thing that could have happened to us; her gift has beautifully illustrated Toby’s story and captured moments both intense and calm. Something that I have learned about birth photography is that while the skills of the photographer are important, the connection between your family and the photographer is paramount. You are choosing to open your life at your most vulnerable to someone you barely know, and who is documenting EVERYTHING. The birth of your child is different than a wedding. (You’re not dressed up, you aren’t wearing makeup, and no one spent hours on your hair.) But it is equally as important. Even Josh agrees now. Michelle wasn’t the first photographer we met with, but she was the absolute right one for us. When choosing your birth photographer, spend time with them. Make sure you feel comfortable texting them in the middle of the night, they will be seeing ALL of you after all! HA! Our only regret about birth photography is waiting until our 3rd child to do it. Not having to juggle a camera- having Dad in the pictures-receiving stunning pictures; nothing else can replace those things.”

— Liz T.


“What an amazing photographer! Michelle captures amazingly beautiful moments with stunning detail. Her talent really is undeniable. Beyond just taking incredible pictures, Michelle is great to work with. She works to capture the most fantastic shots and angles without being intrusive or distracting and works hard to deliver a very high quality finished product in a short amount of time. All in all, it was a pleasure working with Michelle.”

— David H.

"Kim is the most amazing woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, she is warm, patient, and kind just to name a few. She has photographed both of my babies being born, our newborn pictures and she does all of our family photos. To say I can't live without her is an understatement. She has 5 of her own so when I have questions or concerns she is always there! You will not be disappointed!" – Renae G.


Michelle really is as good as it gets! There are a lot of talented photographers to chose from, but Michelle is the best in the business. The photos she took for us really captured the emotion we were feeling. Our photos turned out so artistic and beautiful. Can't thank her enough! - Susanna A.


"Kim captured our journey from pregnancy through birth to newborn so beautifully! I have once in a lifetime memories captured forever. I am so happy I found Kim!" – Haley M.


"Michelle was the perfect balance between friend and photographer. She was warm, inviting, and easy to feel comfortable around. When it came to photography, she anticipated every moment perfectly, never getting in the way or invading private, intimate, or sacred moments. Her professionalism allowed my husband and I to experience every detail of labor and delivery without the feeling that someone was watching." - Alyssa M.


“When I found out I was pregnant, I was very hesitant about hiring a birth photographer. When I first heard about birth photography I was picturing someone in my room sticking the camera everywhere taking pictures of things I didn’t want. And at the time I was not knowledgeable of birth photography so I was undecided of what I wanted documented. I wanted some pictures of Landon being born but I thought my husband would be able to take them. I am so happy we decided to hire Michelle, she was very respectful of our privacy but opened our eyes to all the wonderful options of recording our child’s birth. It also gave my husband that ability to focus on me without missing out on any of the wonderful experiences of labor.”

Nicole J.


“I recently had the honor of working with this extraordinary photographer. As a doula, maintaining the sanctity of a mother’s laboring space is one of the most important things to do and Michelle, not only does it while taking beautiful photos, she helps ‘hold that space.’ It was lovely working with you!”

Carole, Doula


“Michelle is awesome. She does a wonderful job capturing the intimate moments a family shares while welcoming a new life into the world. She has a very calming, peaceful presence and does amazing work as a birth photographer. She has a very unique eye for capturing those extra special moments and was very pleased with our photos and the quality of her work! It was great having her apart of our daughters birth.”

Mandy K.


“Michelle is absolutely amazing! So so overwhelmingly pleased with how amazing she is at her job! This is truly her calling! She provides so much more than just photographs (which are incredible as you can tell from her portfolio) she updated family during labor, she gave a few words of welcomed encouragement throughout labor and delivery and was amazing after delivery just being support as we needed it. Not a negative thing to say about her!!!”

— Jamie C.


“I was so honored to have Michelle follow me on this journey. Being that A’s birth came so fast and he was taken away even faster, I am so happy that she was there to capture our life in the NICU. I have these pictures to remember forever, I was so busy with pumping, nursing and just watching him…I never had time to take pictures. Michelle captured life, and just how precious it is, and how someone so little can be so strong. While teaching those around him a thing or two….I am blessed to call Michelle my friend, but also my angel behind the lens.”

Katie J.