Newborn sessions are a fun opportunity to bond with your little one, watch them make all those cute faces in their sleep, and capture moments to last forever. During newborn sessions, I typically aim for a combination of posed and lifestyle images. This allows me to obtain a great variety. Your baby's first weeks of life outside the womb are full of surprises, lessons, and incredible bonding. I love capturing sweet newborns before these weeks all fly by.

*** When hiring me for your newborn session, it's important to remember that I am, first and foremost, a birth photographer. I will likely be on call for one or more mommas during your session. There is always a slim chance that we may need to reschedule the session, either before or during the session. Also keep in mind that I must remain within a reasonable range to clients for whom I'm on call. If you live far over an hour from the Denver area, we'll need to shoot in my studio. If I become ill or my family is ill, I will require that we reschedule our session. I will not risk exposure to newborns. Your flexibility and understanding is very much appreciated, and is a requirement for me to accept you as a client. ***

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Baby sleeps most deeply within the first two weeks following birth, and therefore is easily posed for portraits. I love working with babies 6-10 days old. It's a good idea to reserve your session a couple months in advance, and then give me a call soon after birth to nail down a specific date. **Note that if the first two week period isn't possible, I am very confident in working with newborns up to 6 weeks old.

Our session will take 3-4 hours, to allow plenty of down time for feeding, burping, cleanup, changing, and lulling the little one to sleep. As you become accustomed to baby's sleep schedule, we'll feel out the best time for me to arrive.


My goal is to make these sessions as stress-free as possible. I typically bring my studio to my client's home. Clients often like to have lifestyle images in their bedroom or in the nursery. It's a perfect way to capture more casual images and commemorate this time of your life, in this home. Some clients prefer to just have their photo taken on a backdrop, and not worry about tidying the space to their liking.

Some of my clients are extreme nesters, with homes under construction, or in the moving process. If you desire gorgeous lifestyle newborn images, but don’t have the right space available to you now, we can select from a number of gorgeous homes for rent by the hour, starting at $125 per hour. To view the spaces, click here.

The Crew

I work alone, but I never shoot newborns without a spotter to assist. This might be mom or dad or a friend. The fewer the people in the room, the better. The atmosphere should be calm and soothing and relaxed.

The Cast

Family members, especially mom and dad, are encouraged to join in and take pictures with the new little one!  As baby is star of the newborn photoshoot, however, I won't be bringing the appropriate gear for studio-style family portraits for more than 3 people.


You do not need to buy anything in preparation for your session. I have a lofty collection of blankets, wraps, hats, and headbands. My style is very minimalistic, and I generally do not photograph babies in outfits or with props.

For posed images, we'll want to shoot in a room with some blank floor space. Prep the room by increasing the temperature to the point where you feel too warm... 76-80 degrees... this will be comfortable for baby, and is important for a sleepy infant. It's best if this space is on the ground level.

Baby should be wearing only a diaper and swaddle when I arrive. This way we won't need to disturb him or her much with undressing.

If your driveway is very icy, please spread sand or salt so I don't fall. I'll need to take several trips back and forth with heavy gear.

Your hands will be in some of the images. Please remove nail polish and bandaids, then moisturize. Add a clear coat, if you'd like. 


If mom, dad, or siblings would like to be in the images, soft, neutral colors are best for outfits. The simpler the outfit, the more timeless your images will be. Be sure to have an alternate outfit picked out to wear in the case there is an accident on your shirt. For outfit ideas, check out my Pinterest page! (You don't need to worry about shoes.)

If you'd like some skin-to-skin images with dad and baby, it's best to warn dad in advance!

(C) 2016 Michelle Garey : Denver Birth Photographer

What to Expect

Newborn sessions are a blast for me because, by nature, they are challenging! The babies in my photos look perfect and content. What you don't see is what happens behind the scenes. Most babies are "fussy" to some degree. They make messes. They need to be cuddled and coaxed to sleep. The majority of your session will be spent making baby comfortable and sleepy. Very little of your session will be spent actually taking photographs. I want you to know that this is TYPICAL, that every newborn session is a lot of work! If you accept this and don't expect perfection from your baby and the older siblings, you'll really be ready to embrace and enjoy your session!


Newborn sessions are $550 and include approximately 25 retouched digital images in both color and black and white, a print release, and custom announcement design. Half of your payment is due at the time of booking, and the other half you can pay at or before your session via cash, check, or credit card.


For those with allergies, note that I do own a dog. All of my blankets and wraps are washed after use with a gentle, homemade laundry detergent. If a member of your household is sick with a cold, cough, or flu, please reschedule with me. I work with brand new babies on a regular basis, and it's so, so important that I don't expose those little ones with very vulnerable immune systems to illness.


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