Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer for Your Cesarean Delivery 1) This is your story. This is your journey. Regardless of how your baby enters the world, those fleeting first moments with your child are worth freezing in time forever. All births are equal! If you've had a photographer at your vaginal delivery, you already know the value those pictures hold in your heart. It's really no different with cesarean.  And there's so much more to it than just the delivery itself.

2) Having the images from all these events can help complete the birth story in your mind, and can really assist with the emotional healing and empowerment process.

3) It's so cool to get to witness your baby's birth, but there may be a drape blocking your view during your delivery (you might not want to watch, anyhow). The photographer can sometimes get a good line of sight to the site and, depending on the anesthesiologist, is often allowed to photograph the actual birth! The images are then processed and made a bit more "ingestible" for you, if needed.

4) Your husband or partner will probably have the privilege of cutting the cord after your baby is brought to the warmer. He'll be so cute and nervous!

5) Your husband will probably cry as he holds your baby's hand for the first time. (Please don't tell him I told you that.)

6) After delivery, you might be separated from your baby while you're all stitched and mended. Typically dad goes along with baby, and the peds nurse takes your baby's weight, length, and head circumference, footprints, performs the new baby exam, bathes, and dresses your baby with a new, stylish hat. Then, dad and baby get some cuddle time until they meet you back in recovery.

7) God, you're amazing. You've nurtured and grown this tiny human for months, and your little one is finally making his/her debut! I say, that's one huge accomplishment and milestone, warranting a primo photo op! Don't you?

8) Many Colorado hospitals allow two people to accompany you on your journey in the OR. Most hospitals permit photography in the OR for planned operations.

9) Kids love looking through their birth storybooks, regardless of their method of entry into the world!

10) Photographing your story enables you to SHARE your story and to empower and encourage other women. The cesarean experience can seem incredibly overwhelming, looming, and downright scary. Understanding the process beforehand can be so beneficial to nerves and peace of mind.

(Of course, every hospital is different and every experience is unique. These are generalizations).

 Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer for Your Cesarean Delivery

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer for Your Cesarean Delivery