I'm a very private person. I don't share much personal information over the internet. Which is probably why, when a monumental event took place in my life, I didn't utter a peep about it here.

Then, it just occurred to me. Duh! My clients invite me into their lives to share the most incredible, life-altering, and emotionally raw moment with me and my camera lens. How selfish of me to not share myself with them.

And so here goes:  I'm engaged! My fiance, Ben. meant to propose to me the day the world was to end... at least, that's what we interpreted from the Mayans. My diamond was held up in a delayed FedEx box, however, and didn't arrive until Christmas Eve morning. Ben said he didn't mean to make it a Christmas thing, but he just could not wait any longer! So he proposed to me that afternoon. It's rather perfect timing, if you ask me, because we were already surrounded by friends and family and cheer!

To be fair, I probably would not have had time to blog about our engagement any sooner, as we've picked a very near date for the wedding. Thus, there's already been a whirlwind of planning and decisions to be made! The one decision I made before he even proposed was who I'd have as our wedding and engagement photographer, Charles Hildreth. I hired him without shopping around, which is VERY unlike me. I'm already excited to share pictures of our day with you, and I promise I'll try to be a little less private in the future.


Image credit: Charles Hildreth Photography