. .:: If you happen to be a fan on my Facebook page, then you probably already know that very, very recently, I became an aunt for the third time. I'm practically I professional, you guys! I I can't tell you how thrilled I was when my brother and his wife asked me to photograph not only their maternity session and newborn sessions, but also their birth experience. It's a birth photographer's dream come true, to photograph the birth of a new member of the family. So, yes, I will be bombarding my lucky audience with oodles of images of this welcome addition to our family, and I won't be in many of them. I'm sure any other photographer can sympathize with me in that we are just never a part of the picture, literally. Luckily for me, my brother knows how to handle my camera without giving me a heart attack. He graciously offered to snap a pic of me holding the newest of my precious little nuggets. And yes, I know I'm biased, but my nephew is just the most handsome little man. ::. .