. .:: This is the story of an extraordinary couple. Once in a while, you meet someone whom you bond with instantly... wordlessly... effortlessly. It makes for an incredibly special and fun birth experience. This couple not only welcomed me into their birthing suite, they welcomed me into their family. "We're all in this together," they said. Mom was dilated 5 centimeters when I arrived. She was incredibly uncomfortable, and all she wanted was to be in the tub. The staff was great with facilitating her wishes and giving her space and quiet. As Dad sat crouched next to the tub, Mom closed her eyes and went back to the beaches of Mexico. Mom and Dad whispered back and forth, a team so harnessed, in tandem, as contractions became more and more intense.

"You're doing this." He whispers calmly.

"I'm doing this." She repeats.

"Relax." He whispers.

"Relax." She repeats.

And as almost every woman does, she eventually reached that point where she thinks she just cannot handle it any longer. "I want the juice!" she cried out. Little did she know that she was fully dilated and baby was ready to be born.

As she was moved back to the bed, and the nurse was about to call an anesthesiologist, Mom said, "I want to push!"  The room transformed in minutes. The doctor, who lives just blocks away, was on her way. "Don't push just yet," they said.

That always makes you "laugh" a bit inside.

Doc arrived just in time and Mom pushed with precision and control for nine minutes before their beautiful little girl was born!

I was sent off with hugs and a gift. It was important to them that each person involved recognize their important and appreciated role in the birth of their little girl. So sweet! ::. .