If you're curious as to why I have dropped off the face of the planet, why it's because I've gone off and gotten married. To just the most handsome, driven, whitty conundrum of a man I've ever come across. Anyhow, I've always been old fashioned, I suppose, so we've been living separately and dating like highschool kids with curfews. Our wedding was on May 2nd. It was perfect. All of our favorite people packed into one room... what could be better?! The wedding was followed by a gorgeous, relaxing honeymoon in Guanacaste, followed by seemingly endless packing and moving. All the way from Fort Collins to Denver. And I say, "seemingly", because, well, here I am sitting in my new office at my new desk typing to you now, listening to the birds chirping as they gobble up all those nasty mosquitoes. And the place is all in order, much thanks to our family and friends who volunteered without us asking! Everything is in it's place, the boxes are gone, and life seems like it may just be beginning a new season for us.

"What?! You've gone to Denver?!" you say? Yes, and I'll be taking on fewer newborn, maternity, and family sessions in Northern Colorado, but still accepting Births, still staying in touch with my beloved friends and partners in Northern Colorado's birth scene, still visiting my nieces and nephews and family every week.

Did you notice our pretty picture up there?   ^^   Before the wedding, everyone thought they were being cute and funny by asking me, "So are you going to be the photographer for your own wedding?" I'll admit, I giggled a little just thinking of it. I've been asked many times to photograph weddings. I'm not a wedding photographer. But I can point you in the direction of the best wedding photographer I know. When we got engaged on Christmas Eve, people were already asking us when the big day would be, where it would be, and so on and so forth. Call me crazy, but I'm not the girl who grew up planning weddings in her head. When Ben and I got engaged I knew two things: 1) I will marry Ben.  2) I want Charles Hildreth to photograph our wedding.

And he did.

And he was marvelous. Professional. Charismatic. Patient. Diligent. Prompt. And so on and so forth. But enough of that. His work speaks for itself.


Well, more later. I just didn't want you to think I'd left the interwebs forever. And I HAD to tell you about Charles. Oh, and about my husband, too, of course.  ;)

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