Let's make your dream of beautiful birth story photography a reality. Many of my clients are able to make the investment outright. But most are not. Here are a couple of creative ways we've devised to make the investment feasible, simple, and stress-free!

  1. Payment Plans - Take advantage of my payment plans. I don't require the full investment to get you on my calendar. All that's required to reserve your session is a signed contract and a deposit payment. Also note that I do accept online credit card payments.
  2. Gift Cards - I provide my clients with cards to include with their shower invites, letting family and friends know they are registered with Michelle Garey Photography. Family members LOVE to see the birth story. If you're inviting them to be a part of the birth experience, they're going to love having evidence of their supportive role during your labor. If you're not planning to have them in the room with you, they're just going to love seeing the images that much more. (In fact, it's a tried and true method of booting them from the delivery without hard feelings). You can also just send them to this link, if you're not planning to mail out shower invites.
  3. Baby Registry -  If you're registering for items from multiple sources, the Amazon Universal Registry is so convenient. You can add items to your registry from Amazon.com, or from ANY other website, like mine. Awesome.
  4. Model Release Discount - I offer a $200 discount to clients who sign my model release, allowing me to use their images, with utmost discretion and respect, for my marketing, website, etc. This is something we'll discuss together in person before determining whether it's just right for you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on other interesting and creative ways to make the investment easier and peasier! Comment below!