.:: Maeve's name had been picked out for years and years. This little girl had been so longed for and so loved, but mom and dad were told they could not conceive. They adopted their first child. They turned 40. And that turned out to be the perfect recipe for fertility. Maeve, the little miracle that she is, is over a month old now. Momma labored in Denver's only birth center, Mountain Midwifery Center, surrounded by so much diligent support. For a moment, I thought we had a male doula in Denver. And then I realized that it was Dad... an incredible and tireless labor support (he also happens to be a chiropractor, so, SCORE!) There's so much to be said, too, about the midwives and staff at Mountain Midwifery. When complications were detected, they reacted quickly and efficiently. Mom transferred to the hospital with not one, but two midwives, who stayed for hours supporting mom and aiding the hospital staff. ::. .

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© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography
© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography
© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography

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