. .:: If you follow me on Facebook, you're probably familiar with Toby Tolin's story of survival and hope. Doctors in Austria realized at Toby's 20-week appointment that something wasn't quite right. Toby was small, and not very active. Doctors advised that Toby be terminated. Joshua and Liz decided, instead, to give their son a fighting chance. They moved back to the United States, seeking out the best possible medical care for Toby in Denver, Colorado. Toby was determined to be an IUGR baby, with a dying placenta.

On April 5th, Toby's activity declined noticeably. He was born via emergency c-section at 32 weeks gestation and 2 pounds, 13 ounces (growth-restricted and small for his age).

Today, Toby is home with his family, and they want to spread hope to other NICU families by blessing them with care packages intended to make the NICU feel a little more like home. If you'd like to get involved, visit www.showerforbabies.org.

Michelle Garey Photography will be sponsoring baskets with the help of friends and fans on Facebook. If you'd like to help complete a sponsorship, just "Like" Michelle Garey Photography on Facebook, and keep an eye out for sponsorship posts. All that's required is a post "Share"... seriously, it's easy as a quick click!! Thanks for spreading the love!

Also, keep an eye out for Toby's birth story, coming to the blog soon! ::. .

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