. .:: This is a story of hope, of triumph, of strength and joy. My journey with Toby began when Josh and Liz approached me about photographing Toby's birth, impressing upon me the dire expectations for his outcome. Admittedly, they normally would not have considered the option of having a birth photographer present. But it was now crucial that every moment be captured, because each one might be his last. And you'd think that they might have been bogged down in their despair, but they were surrounded by a tangible sense of peace, and even a bit of hope. From early on, the odds were against Toby. He was severely growth restricted, quite inactive in the womb, and his placenta was small and dying. You could say that his greatest risk factor, however, was the doctor's advice to terminate the pregnancy. There was no chance that Toby would survive. That was the consensus in Vienna, Austria, and though Josh and Liz were determined to give Toby a fighting chance, the medical care they needed was unavailable in Vienna and Hungary. They made the decision to move back to Wyoming and receive care in Denver.

Toby grew slowly and continued to survive. At 32 weeks, he suddenly became quite inactive in the womb. Liz was rushed into the OR in the late hours of the night, and Toby was delivered via emergency cesarean. His doctors were stunned when they discovered a true knot in his umbilical cord (pictures below), and we all rejoiced a little that the doctors made the wise and prompt decision to have him born that very night. Toby spent 5 weeks in the NICU at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Today he is at home with his family, growing every day! Toby is over 1 year old. His story is truly inspiring.

Joshua and Liz were interviewed about their experience for 9 News Denver, in an effort to start a very difficult conversation about high-risk pregnancies. Watch the video below, then browse through his birth story images, and help to spread hope and love to other Denver NICU families through Toby's Shower for Babies ::. .

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© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography
© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography
© 2013 Michelle Garey Photography

Fast forward a couple weeks, and here's Toby thoroughly enjoying Kangaroo Care with his parents! (More coming soon!)

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Toby's Birth Story :: Denver Cesarean & NICU Photographer