. .:: I never would have thought that I'd be lucky enough to photograph a home water birth during daylight hours, with a healthy baby girl born a mere 10 minutes after I arrived, surrounded by three wide-eyed siblings. Even more perfect is the fact that dad, who works out-of-state, was able to be present for his little girl's birth. As I was driving to their home, I received a text from Mom's phone. It said, "What's your ETA?" Come to find out, it was actually her texting me (a laboring mom texting?!?!), trying to determine whether they could break the bag of waters, or perhaps wait a bit longer. I'm lucky they waited, because baby came so quickly, but with such serenity and peace. It truly was incredible. I think some of us were in utter disbelief. When creating this story, I felt compelled to tell it in black and white, though the color images are beautiful, too, because I think the black-and-whites convey the serenity of the moment perfectly and honestly. I mean, seriously... look at that beautiful smile on momma's face. Midwife  -Nedra Wilson with Milestone Midwifery in Denver, Colorado. Student Midwife - Gina Penka with Moonbabies Birth Services in Aurora, Colorado. ::.

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