. .:: Imagine my surprise upon receiving a call on the 4th of July, over one month before baby was due. It just goes to show that as birth photographers, we cannot possibly create the perfect schedule, free of risk of conflict. We can take fewer births to minimize that risk, but there's no clever device in arranging our schedules. Doula Julianne was the one to make the call, and I could hear mom moaning in the background. I knew this would be a 4th-0f-July baby, with the big fireworks celebration and all! Mom birthed naturally, surrounded by love and support from dad, University of Colorado Hospital staff, and the ever wonderful Julianne and Carole with Macushla Birth. What a difference it makes to have the support of a doula (or even better, TWO doulas) in the birthing room! Lucas spent 5 days in the NICU and has been on oxygen at home ever since. I can't wait to see him again... tube free and cozy in momma's arms! ::. .

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The Birth of Lucas : Denver Hospital Birth Photographer