. .:: This session looks a lot like a hospital birth, but in fact, it truly was an unplanned home birth. At 8:40pm, Dad called me to let me know they'd be heading to the hospital in a half an hour or so. So I gathered my things and headed on over, read my book in the parking garage, and awaited the text inviting me into the room. at 10:20, Dad called again. "We have a baby boy! He was born at home. We just arrived at the hospital via ambulance." I walked into the room to find a healthy mother and baby, and a doting father. What a story they had to tell... it was so fun to hear their account of things, to hear how four effective pushes brought this little man into the world, to hear how dad cleverly handled the situation until the ambulance arrived. And while they might not have images to document the whole journey, they have an incredible story to tell! So if you've ever wondered what a missed birth looks like, this is it! ::. .

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The Birth of Coleman :: Denver Baby Photography