. .:: This is the story of the birth of Simon, probably one of the cutest little men I've ever met. Simon's mommy is an anesthesiologist, who serves women and others by offering options for pain relief and prevention. I have an immense respect for anesthesiologists, and am so thankful that my clients and myself have options. I completely nerd out on the topic of pain management and the trials of chloroform and ether by John Snow in the 1850's. Snow administered chloroform during childbirth for Queen Victoria, the head of the Church of England, and subsequently pain management became noncontroversial and more widely used for life-saving surgical childbirth. See? I geek out. And so you can see why it was such an honor to photograph this family's birth. Because cesarean deliveries are important. They are transformative. They save lives. They are beautiful. And here's proof. ::. .

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The Birth of Simon :: Denver C-Section Photographer