. .:: C-sections aren't the "easy way" of giving birth. They're damn hard. They're scary. They require a mountain of courage and emotional strength. This day wasn't an easy one. I'm not going to glamorize my client's experience, because that's not my job. My job is simply to tell their story. My job is to become a part of the birth team, and to support momma in the right ways, even if they are small and gentle ways. And on this day, my heart ached for this woman, because I know this isn't what she had hoped for. On days like this, my job feels so wildly important. I mean that in the humblest way. I knew she would need these images to process her experience, and for a few minutes, we thought they wouldn't allow me into the operating room. In fact, they flat out said, "No way." I don't know whether my clients felt the same devastation I did. I had to step out of the room so mom wouldn't see my tears and anger. Few things cause rage to well up in my heart like a woman having her wishes stripped from her during her most vulnerable and terrifying moments, particularly when the alternative is such a meager gesture. After prayer and diligent campaigning, they allowed me to stand in the supply closet of the OR and attempt to photograph through the machinery. And I'm so thankful to them that they did. The look on mommas face when she met her girl for the first time truly indicated that it was all so totally worth it. ::. .

The Birth of Olivia :: Denver Birth Photography