As a birth photographer, nothing brings me more joy than witnessing my clients achieving the birth they have so hoped for. Asher's birth was a triumphant VBAC at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, and I was blessed to capture his journey earthside.  (Don't miss mom cutting the cord herself... so awesome!)

A note from Asher's mommy:

I interviewed and ultimately hired Michelle because I loved her photography of baby Toby's preterm cesarean birth that reminded me so much of my first son's birth. Since I was under general anesthesia and didn't get to experience his entrance into the world, it was so healing for me to see those images. I've never before or since seen professional photography of a preterm cesarean birth. And of course it was also so important to us to have lots of documentation of Asher's birth since we didn't even have memories of Ezra's. I'm so incredibly glad I got to have the opposite experience for Asher's birth! But oddly enough, Asher's birth helped me appreciate Ezra's just as much as Ezra's birth made me appreciate Asher's.