. .:: If you've followed Toby's birth story, then you're well aware of the great, scary adventure he and his family embarked on, early in the pregnancy, when his parents decided not to terminate, as doctors suggested, but rather to give him a fighting chance at life. They left Hungary and came to Denver to receive top-notch medical care for Toby and mom. You can read his full story here. Toby is over a year old now, happy and healthy! This little man has been such an inspiration to me, and I know there are some women out there right now who need to see Toby's story, if just for a glimmer of hope and encouragement for their own situations. But Toby isn't my only inspiration here. Josh and Liz handled every day with grace and wisdom. I could tell that their emotions were ginger, and they were exhausted and worn, but they were "little fighters" themselves, and I can see where Toby gets his drive to survive and thrive. <---- POET}  I'd expect that it would be easy to become consumed with your own reality, long days and nights spent in the NICU, everything hanging in a delicate balance. I personally would be drowning in self pity. But Josh and Liz instead found motivation and comfort in helping other Denver families in the NICU by working their tails off and starting their own non-profit, Toby's Shower for Babies. Incredible, isn't it!?

Here are some images of Kangaroo care at Toby's Afterglow Session, because I actually forgot to blog them, as I have many other sessions! ::. .

Toby's Afterglow Session :: Denver NICU Baby Pictures