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. .:: On this World Adoption Day, I was reminiscing on the day my littlest niece joined the family, and I stumbled upon some never before posted images of Isla. These were taken shortly after she arrived at the airport, proud and beaming parents in tow.

It feels like just yesterday, but she's already walking, saying hello to every stranger, chattering away, and never suppressing her big, bold, beautiful personality. Yeah, "bold"... that's a great way to describe this one!

The other day I called her on the phone... keep in mind she's only 1. I said, "Hi Isla, how are you doing?"

"Good," she says with excitement.

"Are you being a good girl?"

She responds, "Yes!"

"What did you do today?"

And she just goes off, chattering away, talking all about her day and everything else. Eventually her mommy had to take the phone from her, and she made it well known that she was not finished talking! I'm blown away by how smart and bold and outgoing she is. I'm proud to be her auntie. ::. .

Want to see more? Here are images from the day Isla arrived at the airport!

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