. .:: I think part of the great beauty of birth is the unique nature of every woman's experience. Birth is such a whimsical thing. Just when you think you understand the progression of things, and you think you can guestimate what it might look like, birth teaches you that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Humility is a lesson every birth worker learns during each and every labor. It's not a lesson that can ever be complete, I think. It's this constant teaching entity that reminds us we are small and we know so little. The human brain is compelled to believe that it has understanding, and if there's a vacant place somewhere in that fabric of understanding, the imagination patches the hole with unintended, ever so subtle arrogance. I think this expanding and contracting, growing large and then small again, cultivates wisdom, but that path to wisdom stretches out into infinity. Today I am humbled. I feel tiny. But more than ever, I'm in awe of birth. ::. .