Less than two years ago, I was photographing a birth at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado, when I received the call from Kayla (the gorgeous woman in these photos) that she was in active labor at a different hospital. It's one of those rare scenarios where I wish I could clone myself and be with two families at once. Luckily, Kim was available to back me up and be with her until I could get there (this was long before we established a formal partnership!) After the Sky Ridge baby was born, I zipped on over to relieve Kim, and got to be there for Ezra's birth as well! (Ezra is the handsome boy you see in these photos!)

This month, I thought I very well could find myself in the EXACT same scenario. These same two clients were both pregnant again with due dates that could conflict. My rational mind knew it was highly unlikely, but when it comes to birth, I'm a little superstitious. The whole point of my partnership with Kim is to have less stress surrounding potential conflicts, both for my sanity and the sanity of our clients. At the same time, I couldn't ignore how I so desperately wanted to be with both families, as they're both so special to me! I was so thrilled to tell Kayla that the other baby, the most beautiful little girl, had been born early, and there would be no chance of conflict this time around!

So now we patiently wait for little Ira, for those first signs of labor, very much aware that second babies sometimes come very quickly. I love this moment of pause, (though most of my clients detest it and just want baby OUT). These are the last nights she'll cuddle her single child and kiss him goodnight, the last moments as a mother of one. A strange period where time is suspended and every day could be the day. I think it's just so unique and beautiful.

- Michelle -