I’m so excited to introduce to you my dear friend and partner, Kim! Kim has been my backup photographer for years, but in September 2017, we started working together in a more consistent and formal capacity. We mentored together tirelessly and aligned our shooting and editing styles meticulously.

Kim continues to work as a backup photographer for birth clients, offering ultimate peace of mind for such an unscheduled and dynamic event that birth truly is.

Kim is also a talented maternity photographer, and incredibly gifted with newborns. She makes them feel so calm and comfortable… she is truly a baby whisperer!

I believe that connection is the secret to a happy life. It might sound cheesy, but I’m married to my best friend. Together, we have 5 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 birds - yes, our house is busy, crazy, exhausting, and SO fun.  

I’ve been a photographer for nearly a decade, telling the stories of numerous families, in some of the biggest moments of their lives. To say it is an honor to capture that time, is a complete understatement. I remember their faces, their names, the day their whole life changes. To me, they become family, and you will too.

I believe full hands make full hearts. There will always be dishes in my sink and a little dust on my shelves, because time together is fleeting and chores will be there later.  I believe in telling people every day that they are loved and wanted. Dancing and singing obnoxiously through Target is a weekly occurrence- life is my musical (embarrassing my kids is a bonus). I exercise for dessert. Homemade bread, camembert cheese, and sipping from our wine collection make close friends into best ones.
— Kim

All of the gorgeous images featured below were captured by Kim!