. .:: When I walked in, the room was beautiful and flooded with light. Mom and dad were cheerful and brimming with anticipation and excitement. Birth can be a very serious affair, and humor is always welcome and refreshing (and helps the laboring process immensely!) I'd just recovered from a long and difficult birth, and Colin's birth was a beautiful and healing experience. These two were so clearly in love, on the verge of welcoming their third child. I observed in awe as they held hands and walked the hallways, stopping to quietly handle each contraction, and then moving on, casual conversation in between. Dad was tasked with timing each contraction. He might have missed a couple here and there, as they became more frequent and more intense. When it came time to push, the big question lingered overhead: boy or girl?! With one of each at home, this little baby was a wild card. And when baby emerged and was so clearly a boy, dad waved his victory fist in the air. Another son! This is Colin's birth story, told through images ::. .

**Note: All images are posted here with explicit permission from my clients.**

The Birth of Colin :: Denver, Colorado Birth Story