. .:: It was during our maternity session that mom informed me Ellis was in the breech position. If you've ever hoped for a natural birth and experienced malposition in late pregnancy, then you're familiar with the interesting menu of options you go through to encourage  baby to maneuver into a more ideal position. They had tried them all. The day soon dawned when Ellis was scheduled to come earthside via cesarean. An ultrasound was done to confirm position just before mom was ushered into the OR. Indeed, he was a stubborn one. Still breech.

Checking into the hospital for a scheduled cesarean is an occasion where nerves demand to be addressed. You breath deeply and try to remain calm, but knowing you'll be holding your child within the hour, knowing you'll be undergoing serious surgery... it's all a little much. This couple was wise to invest in doula care by the lovely Karina Constantino with Dynamic Doulas. She brought along her loving presence, her sense of humor, some mad massage skills, and confident support, completely transforming the atmosphere. It was truly a birth day occasion.

Adding to the nerves, this was one of those instances when we all had to advocate for me to photograph in the OR. The nurse anesthetist, bless her heart, seemed appalled by our request. "What will you even take pictures of in there?" My list began, "Well, I love capturing the first time they lay eyes on their child, the first time she holds him, the first time he opens his eyes, the newborn exam, the first time dad holds him..." 

She allowed me to join them in the OR, and we are all forever grateful to her. Here's what I managed to capture that day (some of my favorite cesarean images of all time). ::. .

**Note: All images are reviewed and approved by my clients prior to being made public**