. .:: It doesn't seem that long ago that I received a text message, out of the blue, during a meeting with another prospective client. It was a lengthy text from an unknown number, requesting information regarding my services, and also sharing a little of her genuine heart with me, a complete stranger, who would soon certainly become a friend. It read:

This baby means so much to me. She’s my rainbow baby. Heaven gained my first baby girl when I was 36 weeks. Someone crashed into me, leaving me in a coma. My sweet baby girl passed away a few days later due to the impact of the car accident. It’s been a challenging journey, and God has finally blessed me with another baby girl on the way....

We quickly found time to meet, and connected instantly. It has been beautiful watching this little family grow, and seeing this woman take to motherhood so naturally. She truly is a momma bear in every way, protective, passionate, and not taking for granted a single second with this child.

This is the birth of Emma. Her mom labored tirelessly and without food, (due to the small risk of uterine rupture following a cesarean birth with a low transverse incision). During the toughest of contractions, she'd breath deeply in and then out, and she'd quietly shake her head as if to say "I can't". A bystander would suggest an epidural, and she'd say with spunk and clarity, "Nuh uh! I did not come this far to get an epidural. I CAN DO THIS!" And like a rock, her partner was right there with her, offering quiet but solid support through it all. ::. .

**Note: All images are reviewed and approved by my clients prior to being made public**