This is the birth of sweet Fiona at Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. We're so thrilled that Fiona's momma has chosen to share her birth story with all of us!! Read on, birth geeks!

Baby Fiona was one week overdue so our OB scheduled an induction for Thursday, September 28 at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital. When we arrived at 8pm that evening, the nurse said I was actually already having minor contractions, which I had assumed were just Braxton Hicks. She gave me the medication to induce labor, and Nick and I tried to get some rest (though I was way too excited to sleep!). I felt my first real contractions around 2am, but my progression was slow so they gave me Pitocin on Friday morning. Finally around noon, I stood up from my yoga ball … sneezed … and the sneeze literally made my water break! But despite walking laps around the labor and delivery ward with Nick all afternoon, I was still progressing very slowly.
By Friday evening, I had been in labor for nearly 24 hours, so we ordered an epidural to get me some relief. Unfortunately the procedure had to be redone about two hours later because the catheter moved out of place and stopped working. Luckily the second time worked like a charm, and we were able to sleep for a few hours before the nurse came in to check me first thing Sunday morning. I was finally 8cm dilated and fully effaced! We were all very excited and thought I should be able to start pushing soon, but a few hours later I came down with a fever due to infection because it had been too long since my water broke. What’s more, my cervix had actually started regressing due to inflammation, and I was now back down to 7cm dilated. My OB was not on call anymore, but her colleague arrived at the hospital and explained that a cesarean birth would be safest for both Fiona and I at this point.
During the surgery, Nick held my hand and we waited patiently to hear Fiona’s first cry. As she lifted Fiona up, the doctor joked that “there is no way this baby was coming out on her own” because Fiona ended up being a healthy 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches long! Nick brought her over to me and I tried to hold her on my chest but ended up having to throw up, so Nick held her while we snuggled her between our faces. When they wheeled me into the post-op room, I saw the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen: Nick holding Fiona skin-to-skin against his chest as she gazed up into his eyes. Finally I was able to hold her and in between adorable little cries and coos, Fiona latched on to breastfeed for the first time.
The next few hours in the post-op room and our recovery room are kind of a blur, but I remember that first night in the hospital with Fiona very clearly. At about midnight, Nick was sleeping on the couch beside my bed and the dim light of the street lamps was coming in my window. I held Fiona in my arms and told her “I’m your mom. I will always be here for you. I will always love you.” I’ll never forget how she looked up at me as if to say “I know, mom. I love you too.”

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The Birth of Fiona :: Denver Birth Story