This is the amazing twin birth of two little girls, Olivia and Eliana, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. This cesarean birth was attended by one of our favorite doulas of all time, Katie Piccolo with Branches of Love Birth Services. We've worked alongside her multiple times, and absolutely recommend her so highly regardless of where or how you plan to birth your baby! I must also give a huge shout out to the nurse anesthetist, OB, nurses, and NICU at PVH for honoring our clients' wishes to have a birth photographer document their big day. When multiples are born, each baby has their own nursery care team, so as you can imagine, the room can easily become quite crowded. They were so wonderful to allow me into the OR with my camera, no questions asked, as they always have. For the sake of my clients, I am forever grateful!

Mom and dad wanted to let the photos tell their story, so without further ado, proceed scrolling, birth nerds!

**Note: All images are approved by our clients before being made public.**

The Births of Olivia and Eliana : Denver Twin Birth Photographer