About Denver birth photographer Michelle Garey...

Nothing inspires me more than the welcoming of a new life into this world. I've been honored to witness and document 80+ births over the past 5 years. I’m passionate about capturing those small, fleeting, yet tender moments… things parents might not notice even as they’re happening, like dad's reaction as he sees his child for the first time, or sympathetic gestures and auras of love from support people.

denver birth photographer Michelle Garey

When a mom tells me her images allowed her to truly behold the beauty of her story, and to feel empowered and strong and womanly, I know I've done my job. 


I was born in Idaho and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. My husband and I now live in Denver with our large rescue dogs, Gunner and Gertrude. I'm the blessed aunt to five kiddos, I sneeze in sets of 6 or 8, I helped to save a dog's life during her C-section, I am an insomniac, I made the Worst Dressed list during Mercedes Benz Fashion week, I've been frisked in a women's prison in Peru, and I wear boots year-round.

When I'm not on call, I love getting out into the wilderness for challenging backpacking trips with my husband.

Why birth photography and videography, you ask? Click here to read why I'm so passionate about what I do!