The investment

Starting at $550 for non-birth sessions. Please inquire for more detailed information.


The Afterglow

This is the perfect option for clients who prefer a private birth experience, but still seek to have those first moments captured. This session is held at the birthplace within 48 hours following birth.


Birth Photos

A variety of birth photography packages are available, with the option to add on the Maternity Session and Newborn Session for a complete and beautiful birth storybook. 


Birth Films

Birth videography packages are newly available in 2017. Booking only one film per month on a first-come basis. Birth story films can also be added to photo packages. Private options available.

The Maternity Session

The Maternity Session

The maternity session is an opportunity for a little dress-up and a bit of adventure! Booking priority is given to birth clients.


The Newborn Session

In-home newborn sessions are convenient and fun! Have a baby, be home, and we do the rest! Booking priority is given to birth clients.

The Herbal Bath

The postpartum herbal bath is loaded with benefits... just one of those being a gorgeous photo opportunity!


Birth Storybooks

It’s all about the book!

Yessireebob, we do give mommies the digital files of their birth stories, and we'd hate for parents to go without an absolutely stunning birth storybook they will treasure, share, and pass down from generation to generation. (Kids love looking through their storybooks and honoring their beginnings!) These books are large, beautifully bound, printed on thick, archival-quality paper made to last, and the pages lay flat for the best possible display. See a sample birth story book.