These are the two images I have from my own birth…treasures!



Birth Photographer, Videographer & Doula

Hello! My name is Michelle. I was born in an Idaho hospital on a Tuesday evening and grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. My husband, Ben, and I now live in Denver with our large rescue dogs, Gunner and Gertrude. We love backpacking in the wilderness, exploring the country in our tiny old plane, and loving on our nieces and nephews. We’ve found ourselves on our own fertility journey, hoping for a tiny squish in the near future.

I started this journey in 2010, before I'd even met my husband. He came into this accepting my bizarre on-call lifestyle, and he has proven to be the greatest support and encouragement I could ever have hoped for. Every time I head to a birth, he exudes genuine, childlike enthusiasm, joyful that I get to do what I love so very much.

I'm the blessed aunt to six kiddos, and have photographed the births of three. Those were the three most profound and incredible days of my life.

When I’m not at a session, my time is spent editing, working on jigsaw puzzles, nursing my cliché coffee addiction, not really completing home projects, and laughing hysterically with Ben on our back porch over dinner.

This journey as a birth photographer has been immensely transformative, and unexpected, to say the least. It has greatly shaped who I am as a human being, how I perceive most aspects of life. This has been a true gift, and one I hope to be blessed with for many years to come. When a mom tells me her images allowed her to truly behold the beauty of her story, and to feel empowered and strong and womanly, I know I've done my job. I’m happy to share with you in-person how I stumbled upon this path, but for now, feel free to click here and read why I'm so passionate about what I do, and read here about my perspective as a childless birth photographer.



Backup Photographer, Newborn expert

Come Fifty Shades of Gray baby booms, flu season, jury duty, or an occasional day off for Michelle, Kim provides reliable backup coverage, so no story goes untold.

Her decade of experience has allowed her to refine the art of capturing birth stories beautifully, while putting the sanctity of the birthing space foremost.

As if that weren’t enough, Kim is absolute magic with newborn babes. They feel so safe with her, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold! Kim executes a great number of our posed newborn sessions!

Kim’s presence is patient & nurturing, and she exudes compassion and love not only in the birthing space, but wherever she is. Learn more about Kim and view some of her work, here.


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Our Values

We believe in the sanctity of the birthing space.

We believe in the importance of earning your trust, and never breaching that trust.

We believe in handling your images with utmost respect, and honoring your wishes for privacy.

We believe that EVERY birth story is important and deserves to be preserved.

We believe that you are powerful, intuitive, and know your body better than anyone else.

We believe that the birthing person and their family are the most important people in the room, care providers second, and birth photographers last. 

We believe in never infringing on the birthing process.

We believe that it is the duty of every person in the birthing space to support the birthing person in whatever way they require.

We believe in ethical business practices, in creative originality both with images and with words, in never taking advantage of others to get ahead, and in treating fellow beings with true respect.

LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Learn more about my mission here.


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