© 2016 Michelle Garey : Denver Birth Photographer


When a mom tells me her images allowed her to truly behold the beauty of her story, and to feel empowered and strong and womanly, I know I've done my job.

I was born in Idaho and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. My husband and I now live in Denver with our large rescue dogs, Gunner and Gertrude. I'm the blessed aunt to five kiddos, I sneeze in

sets of 6 or 8, I helped to save a dog's life during her C-section, I am an insomniac, I made the Worst Dressed list during Mercedes Benz Fashion week, I've been frisked in a women's prison in Peru, and I wear boots year-round.

When I'm not on call, I love getting out into the wilderness for challenging backpacking trips with my husband.

Why birth photography and videography, you ask? Click here to read why I'm so passionate about what I do!

© 2016 Michelle Garey : Denver Birth Photographer


My ‘us’ includes my husband, our 3 they’re-lucky-they-are-so-cute-and-funny kids and our rescue aussie, Kaia.  

I believe in fresh starts, long hikes and bucket lists, that God speaks to me most when I’m in the mountains and that reading a good book while lying in a hammock can cure anything. 

I dream of living in a remodeled barn for a house, surrounded by acres of land with the mountains and horses as my view, staying in a castle in the Scottish Highlands and riding the Nevis Swing in New Zealand. 

I strongly dislike socks, pumpkin spice anything, too much routine and 4 way stops. 

I found photography years ago as a creative outlet, but I believe birth videography found me. Being invited into such a sacred space is truly an honor. There is nothing more awe inspiring than experiencing a brand new life take their first breath and meet their family. I have found that moments are fleeting and even though we may remember the main details, the small ones, like the sound of baby’s first cry, hearing the gender announced by dad, a sibling saying baby’s name for the first time, those are the ephemeral moments I strive to capture. 

© 2016 Michelle Garey : Denver Birth Photographer


I believe that connection is the secret to a happy life. It might sound cheesy, but I'm married to my best friend. Together, we have 5 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 birds - yes, our house is busy, crazy, exhausting, and SO fun.  

I've been a photographer for nearly a decade, telling the stories of numerous families, in some of the biggest moments of their lives. To say it is an honor to capture that time, is a complete understatement. I remember their faces, their names, the day their whole life changes. To me, they become family, and you will too.

I believe full hands make full hearts. There will always be dishes in my sink and a little dust on my shelves, because time together is fleeting and chores will be there later.  I believe in telling people every day that they are loved and wanted. Dancing and singing obnoxiously through Target is a weekly occurrence- life is my musical (embarrassing my kids is a bonus). I exercise for dessert. Homemade bread, camembert cheese, and sipping from our wine collection make close friends into best ones.