newborn sessions


The newborn phase is just so sweet yet so fleeting. Your baby's first weeks of life outside the womb are full of surprises, lessons, and incredible change. I love capturing newborn rolls, smiles, toes, and more, before these days fly by.

Your newborn session will be a fun opportunity to sit back and take a break, while watching your babe make all those cute faces in their sleep.

When I shoot, I greatly shoot for the baby. I imagine that baby growing up, looking back on baby photos, seeing the home her parents lived in at the time, the way her big brother would poke her in the face as he learned to be gentle with babies, the dog who watched over her and barked at potential intruders.


* Please remember that I am, first and foremost, a birth photographer. I will likely be on call for one or more families during your session. There is always a slim chance that we may need to reschedule the session, either before or during the session. (It has happened that I’ve been called to a birth as I was driving to a newborn session.) If I become ill or my family is ill, I will require that we reschedule our session or have my very talented partner, Kim, take over. I will not risk exposure to newborns. Your flexibility and understanding is very much appreciated, and is a requirement for me to accept you as a client.

** If a member of your household is sick with a cold, cough, or flu, please reschedule with me. I work with brand new babies on a regular basis, and it's so, so important that I don't expose those little ones with very vulnerable immune systems to illness.



I love working with babies about 6-14 days old. If you’ve had a cesarean birth, please consider your own comfort and wellbeing before scheduling. I have no problem scheduling out further if needed. After you’ve had your baby, select a specific date on my calendar below. If we’ve never been in contact before, please contact me here to book.


Depending on your preferences for your session, we’ll likely get a good variety of lifestyle images around your home, as well as posed baby images on my “bean bag”.

You can expect me to offer light posing suggestions for the lifestyle portion of our session. We’ll likely go from room to room doing weird things like cuddling on the bed (I’ll photograph, not cuddle… promise), and sitting on the floor.

For the posed baby portion of our session, you’ll get to browse through all my wraps, hats, and headbands. My style is very minimalistic, and baby poses are very natural. I do not offer any of the more contrived poses (froggy pose, taco, etc), and I do not offer complex setups or composite images. I prefer to tell a more authentic story, and to direct attention to the baby, not the setup.


My goal is to make these sessions as stress-free as possible, and to tell YOUR story, so I work in and around your home. Some of my clients have homes under construction, or are in the moving process. If you desire gorgeous lifestyle newborn images, but don’t have the right space available to you now, we can select from a number of gorgeous homes for rent by the hour, starting at $125 per hour. I recommend booking the space for two hours, particularly if you have young children. To view the spaces, click here. That said, your home is more photogenic than you know, and will have more meaning to yourself and your babe when you look back on these images 30 years from now.


Family members like grandparents, parents, siblings, and pets are encouraged to participate


  • Please have disposable diapers on hand. You do not need to buy anything else in preparation for your session. My style is very minimalistic, and I generally do not photograph babies in elaborate outfits or with props. I do bring wraps, headbands, hats, and blankets.

  • It’s helpful to have your home a bit warmer than usual. Babies love it warm!

  • Baby should be wearing only a diaper and swaddle when I arrive. Please secure the diaper loosely, to avoid marking the skin.

  • If your driveway is icy, please spread sand or salt so I don't fall. I'll need to take several trips back and forth with very heavy gear.

  • Your hands will be in some of the images. Please remove old nail polish and bandaids, then moisturize. Add a clear coat, if you'd like. I do not photoshop fingernails.


I recommend soft, neutral colors. The simpler the outfit, the more timeless your images will be. Be sure to have an alternate outfit picked out to wear in the case there is an accident on your shirt. For outfit ideas, check out my Pinterest page! You don't need to wear shoes.

If you'd like some skin-to-skin images with dad and baby, it's best to warn dad in advance!


Newborn sessions are $595 and include approximately 30 retouched, high-resolution digital images in both color and BW, a print release (you print whenever, wherever), and custom announcement design. Half of your payment is due at the time of booking, and the other half you can pay at or before your session via cash, check, or credit card.


For those with allergies, note that I do own a dog. All of my wraps and blankets are washed after use with a gentle, scentless detergent.