Your baby's birthday

Birth Photography Denver - Michelle Garey

I take only 3 births per month. This reduces the chance of conflict with other moms and ensures that you receive my undivided attention. I am on call for you 24-7, ready to drop everything at any given moment to join you as you labor. As soon as you think you might be going into labor, snatch up your phone and give me a heads-up. Even if you’re experiencing early labor, it’s nice to know that you're experiencing change.  

Think of me as part of your birth team. I’m present during early labor, delivery, and post-delivery, quietly and respectfully documenting your story. Ultimately, if I’m doing my job correctly, you shouldn’t notice my presence much at all. 

After your little one is here, I do my best to capture his or her first moments of life, including the first breath, first cry, and first peek!

Following your baby's birth day, your images are handled with respect and care. It's of utmost importance to me that your trust and comfort level are never breached.